Def Jam

November 18, 2014NewsComments254 Views
Def Jam rapper YG is taking his skills to the film genre. The rapper responsible for hits such as “My Hitta” and “Who Do You Love” has just an...
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November 6, 2014NewsComments174 Views
Def Jam Records just named producer NoID to its Executive Vice President Of A&R position, according to Billboard magazine. The producer had previo...
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August 4, 2014NewsComments651 Views
In one tweet, Trinidad James shocked the Hip-Hop community. "I should tell y'all. I got dropped by the Label. My album is now free. If u hear ur beat ...
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July 26, 2013NewsComments
Russell Simmons might be more comfortable managing clothing lines nowadays than dealing with the music industry, but the latter still runs in his bloo...
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July 9, 2012NewsComments
Russell Simmons has had great success over his lifetime, as the mogul founded Def Jam records as well as a hip hop clothes line for men, and later for...
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