2 Live Crew: Still Bold With It

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By Souleo. When it comes to being bold few hip-hop talents have created as much controversy, mayhem and groundbreaking change as, 2 Live Crew.  With their brazen lyrics on songs such as, "Me So Horny" members Luther "Luke" Campbell, Fresh Kid Ice and Brother Marquis have fought for freedom of speech and artistic expression, popularized video models and confronted society's sex taboos.  After their recent honor at the "2010 VH1 Hip-Hop Honors: The Dirty South Edition," Fresh Kid Ice and Brother Marquis aim to continue the group's legacy with their forthcoming release, Just Wanna Be Heard.

2 Live Crew proved they are still as bold as they want to be with sure-to-be controversial opinions including support for women who use sex to get ahead in the game, why gay hip-hop is the last taboo, their call for less sexual lyrics in hip-hop (we are shocked too) and more.

On video vixens and the game of sexploitation:



Fresh Kid Ice:


They are used to highlight videos so they should be able to exploit themselves or take it different ways to further their careers.  Some rappers put themselves in that position and it goes both ways.  Some rappers get benefits off some of them so why shouldn't the women get their just due.  If rappers don't want to be caught up then don't put yourself in that position.  It's the entertainment industry and everything can be used for entertainment.


Brother Marquis:


We opened Black women up to showing more of their bodies.  When we did it Black women were not exposing their body on television and videos.  Now when I look at King Magazine and Black Men Magazine I'm like damn.  So if rappers are if n****** are tricking then women will talk.  Girls will do what they gotta do and sex sells and people get exploited.

Brother Marquis on the state of sex in hip-hop:


I am cool with it but then again I am getting older too and would want to hear something more uplifting.  We brought sex but right now that's all there is.  When is somebody gonna flip the script and take hold of something else besides a** shaking, drugs and cars and chains?


Brother Marquis on hip-hop's last taboo:

There won't be no gay rap s***.  For girls it's cool but for guys there will be none of that.  I got gay people in my family so it's cool but that's gonna be the taboo of it right there.


Brother Marquis on his comedy career:


I started at the comedy club on Peachtree in Atlanta in the early nineties.  Chris tucker, Mike Epps, Monique and everybody would come through there that is big right now.  I got 5 minutes and did my thing but I wasn't serious.  Now I am serious.  This will be my old man job.  Once I start getting better at it I will incorporate hip-hop into my act.  I'm not no Eddie Griffin but I'm not getting booed either.


Brother Marquis on his faith and artistry:


God is good.  I am still going to church.  If we can cut cussing down in records it would be cool.  I'm an artist and before 2 Live Crew I made two records with no cussing.  You can be more poetic and put in more artistry that way.  I do think that I'm an artist and I could make a good conscious record.  I have more hunger than when I was first starting out.  I haven't reached my full potential as an emcee yet.


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August 18, 2010NewsComments134 Views