50 Cent and the Mets in one stadium

December 27, 2013Comments497 Views
50 Cent and the Mets in one stadium

50 Cent is coming home. According to a press release from the New York Mets, the Queens-bred rapper will be performing at his home team's stadium as he kicks off the 2014 Concert Series. Twenty minutes after the 4:10 p.m. game between the Mets and the San Diego Padres on June 14, 50 Cent will take the stage in the outfield right behind second base.

That's not until next summer, so what else does 50 Cent have in store? In an interview with DJ Whoo Kid on Shade 45, he revealed that he's still working on "Street King Immortal," his first LP in more than four years. There's no word yet on when the long-delayed album will hit shelves. You don't have to wait for that album for a new dose of his music, though. First, he's planning to release a mixtape, "Animal Ambition: An Untamed Desire To Win," in January.

"It's inspirational from a different perspective all the way," he said about the project, as quoted by Vibe.

Then there's the fact that Pharrell mentioned in an interview with Complex magazine that he'd love to collaborate with 50.

Have you been missing 50's presence on the hip hop scene?

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December 27, 2013Comments497 Views