50 Cent may ink deal with boxing great

September 25, 2012NewsComments
50 Cent may ink deal with boxing great

50 Cent has been less about making new music these days and more about making promotional deals. BET reports the rapper has been in talks with boxing great Manny Pacquiao to begin a new promotion company together.

MTV News talked with Pacquiao recently and he seems to be onboard with the potential partnership.

"I love music, and he likes boxing also," Pacquiao told the news source on the company in the works. "We're talking about that and we're discussing. We didn't finalize yet because I'm so busy right now and he's busy right now."

Michael Koncz, Pacquiao's business adviser, also spoke to the music station, confirming that the duo have been in talks for quite a while and it seems as though the business will in fact be created - however, exactly when has not been finalized.

"We'[re] very close to it, I've been talking to 50 Cent now for over a month and a half, close to two months. It's becoming a reality, more than a possibility," Koncz told the news outlet. "I think we're going to end up doing something together before the year is out."

Do you think 50 will be good at promoting boxing? How do you think the pairing will affect 50's friendship with boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.?

September 25, 2012NewsComments