Adidas brings color to timepieces

February 25, 2013Comments121 Views
Adidas brings color to timepieces

A watch is one accessory that seems to stand the test of time.  Despite the fact that a classic watch is always acceptable, adidas Originals is looking to help guys and ladies spruce up their wrists with pops of color. Freshness magazine reports the brand, known mainly for its track suits and sneakers, recently announced its spring 2013 collection will feature of slew of brightly-toned timepieces.

Adidas pulled out all the stops for its functional, yet still flashy watches. One collection, dubbed the Originals Newburgh Watch, features pieces made of matte nylon material. All watches in this collection stand out thanks to an oversized "3" on the dial. A second line dubbed the Camo Collection features, you guessed it, watches with a military feel. These options come in both digital and analog models, so fans can individualize their look.

The brand also made sure to represent neon hues with its Neon Gold Collection. These timepieces are sure to help fans' wrists stand out thanks to the neon orange, pink, yellow, green and blue options.The seasoned designers at the company kept the face of the watches simple to complement the wild colors.

First to Fly reports all three unique collections are available now, just in time for short sleeve season. 

Do you like any of the models? Would you wear a neon-colored watch?

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February 25, 2013Comments121 Views