adidas creates stand-out kicks

December 18, 2012KicksComments211 Views
adidas creates stand-out kicks

When it comes to creating new sneakers, most companies are pulling out all the stops in order to stay ahead of the game. Whether it be technology-based improvements for sports enthusiasts or design features for those interested in rocking the freshest looks, the art of making shoes is no longer solely about performance.

Hypebeast reports adidas has recently come out with some eyebrow-raising kicks that are unlike any other. The "Totem" sneakers are true to their name. They are a colorful piece of artwork that fans of the Native American culture will want to check out.

The kicks, created by designer Jeremy Scott, were made using the Original Attitude hightops as the canvas and have a mix of red, green, yellow and black on the base to really pop. Even though the colors themselves are bold, the true magic of these sneakers is the face on the tongue and the wing details on the sides and back of the kicks that are made to resemble a Native American totem pole.

Scott is known for developing sneakers with a unique concept and many of his "JS Wings" custom sneakers are worn by the biggest names in entertainment. Global Grind reports his latest collection will debut in spring/summer 2013 and will feature various designs including a pair that is representative of the Chinese New Year, along with these kicks that honor Native American culture.

Another shoe in the collection may have some celebrities like Nicki Minaj or even Honey Boo Boo screaming for joy. Kicks On Fire reports the JS "Pink Poodle" sneakers are a mix of hot and light pink with the brighter hue consisting of a furry fabric. The tongue and top of the sneaker feature a stuffed animal head of a poodle wearing blinged-out sunglasses.

Would you wear such wild sneakers? Do you own any adidas JS kicks?

December 18, 2012KicksComments211 Views