Akon’s Open Letter: Journey to Empowerment

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By Souleo When you're blessed with as much as success and opportunity as Akon it is part of your duty to give back. Akon is holding up his end of that deal through his nonprofit organization, Konfidence Foundation. The Konfidence Foundation is dedicated to increasing public awareness of the conditions in Africa and providing underprivileged youth with access to learning and recreational environments equipped with modern technology, educational materials, recreational resources, and health and wellness services.

At the heart of the foundation is empowering the community of Africa to advance. In this open letter Akon reflects on how his own journey to empowerment inspired his foundation.

Open Letter:

When I first came up and started doing music it was just a hobby for me. I just wanted to be rich. I didn't care how and I was going to do whatever it took to live that kind of lifestyle. I was getting into a lot of trouble but I felt like the trouble was worth it because I was getting a lot of money. When you have power you're naturally confident because you have the power. A lot of times people feel like money can bring you that power. So when you're out there hustling for that money you're only doing it so you can buy the power to gain the confidence. But I didn't realize I was taking every step forward towards never seeing daylight again if I continued under that route.

But I think it was supposed to happen for me this way because I learned the more I listen, the more things are happening. That's when the confidence level actually came up because I was getting more educated to what was needed. I just started to realize that you'd be surprised at how much you can accomplish, if you just allow yourself to be educated. That's why one of our main initiatives with the Konfidence Foundation is education. We're building schools to give the kids a better environment to be able to learn. We also started to create a medical system as well. We're taking old beat up hospitals and refurbishing them with the necessary medical equipment to be able to facilitate the sick and the wounded. The Konfidence Foundation has really been on a level to where our main initiative is to make sure we have a healthy environment in the schools and the hospitals for the children growing up.

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December 3, 2010Comments