Akon: Touched by Angels

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By Souleo It's safe to say that you don't get to the top like Akon, without some help along the way. On day two of his Takeover Akon is getting personal and reflecting upon the angels in his life. Get touched by an angel as Akon talks how his mother has saved him from bad relationships, how his father guided him during his troubled youth and how one angel gave him the chance to become a star.

My mother:

She saved me by making sure I was with the right mates. Any woman I've ever dated, I always kindly introduced them to my mom because she has a great instinct of what kind of women they are. For me if they're beautiful with a nice body they're in, but she always meets them for a quick second. Off the moment she meets them she can tell me whether or not this girl needs to stick around for me.

My father:

My pops is one of those guardian angels. He saved my life in many ways through his advice because he's been through a lot. He went through a lot of struggles. It was a lot of times that I was tempted to do some stupid things just to kind of get money and try to prove to him that I'm a man. But he kind of guided me and gave me advice to make sure I understood what life was about. It's not always about getting rich fast. Some things are worth working for because they last longer.

Music Mogul, Devyne Stephens:

He was actually the guy that gave me the opportunity to be in the music industry. Throughout all the troubles I've been through; through out all the dumb decisions, hustling' and me getting locked up he was always there to bond me out. He always believed in me and said 'You might not take this seriously but I'm not gonna stop until you take this music seriously and make it a prime or focal point in your career.' I'm thankful that he stood behind me long enough for me to realize the kind of talent that I did have to be in this business and do what I do, because it allowed me to branch myself off and be who I am today. To this day I thank him everyday for just believing in me more than I believed in myself.

Check out Akon's single, "Angels," performed live here:

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November 30, 2010NewsComments