Andre 3000 could unveil solo album in 2014

August 5, 2013NewsComments
Andre 3000 could unveil solo album in 2014

Despite a desire from fans for Outkast to get back together, it seems the group's followers will have to settle for the next best thing - solo projects from Andre 3000 and Big Boi. Most recently rumors have been swirling that 3 Stacks is ready to hit the studio to create a new album that could drop as early as 2014. 

The famed rapper spoke with Stephen G. Hill, the president of music programming and specials for BET, backstage at the America's Most Wanted Tour in Washington D.C. According to Hill, the conversation was quick, but direct.

Hill told BET he asked Andre about his upcoming movie. The MC stated he was working on a film and that he's "got a solo album coming [out at the] top of the year."

Though talk of the project stopped there, the news is likely exciting for fans of the seasoned rapper. In fact, Andre has yet to release a full-length solo album since parting ways with Outkast, while Big Boi has released two CDs on his own. Despite the wishful thinking, fans might not want to get too pumped up for a new 3 Stacks album just yet.

Billboard reached out to Andre's publicist to try and confirm the news, to which the rep responded, "Regarding reports of a specific plan to release an album in early 2014, there is no official confirmation on that report."

Would you be excited about an Andre 3000 solo project, or are you still holding out for an Outkast reunion?

August 5, 2013NewsComments