Andre 3000 makes awkward apology to Big Boi

November 16, 2012NewsComments1111 Views
Andre 3000 makes awkward apology to Big Boi

In the past, the two members of Outkast were busy apologizing to Ms. Jackson on their hit track. Now, one half of the group is saying sorry to the other. BET reports the eccentric MC Andre 3000 has strayed from making new records with former bandmate Big Boi, though many critics and fans were unsure as to why. Some speculated there had been a falling out between the partners while others assumed each person wanted to hone in on their own sound.

Andre has finally spoken on the matter and his "apology" to Big Boi will be released for the whole world to hear as he discusses their relationship on T.I.'s new track appropriately titled "Who Shall I Be Sorry." On the track Andre apologies to his former partner for being "awkward."

Big Boi responded to the track during a recent interview with Hot 97 radio station, he admitted he didn't really understand the message.

"I don't really get it. Awkward... I don't get it. He's apologizing for being awkward at shows? Apologize for turning down a million dollars a night. He didn't want to perform no more, but that's understandable," Big Boi said in the interview according to HipHopDX.com. "I just kept on pushing. Kept on going. To me, the whole thing about the performance thing is, I know fans want to see us do the songs together. But I never stopped touring. I'm on my second solo record."

He went on to say he'd be up for making another Outkast album, though it's really up to Andre at this point.

"It's whatever man. If Dre's ready to do it and I'm not on tour all around the world, let's go, for sure," Big Boi told the radio DJs.

Fans can gain their own opinion on the apology when T.I.'s new album, "Trouble Man," drops on December 18.

Do you feel like Andre needed to give an apology? Do you want Outkast to make new music or are you over the group?

November 16, 2012NewsComments1111 Views