Angela Simmons is branching out

December 4, 2012NewsComments400 Views
Angela Simmons is branching out

Angela Simmons rose to fame thanks in part to her family's reality television show, "Run's House." Soon after the show aired, she and her sister Vanessa created a shoe line called Pastry that took off. Simmons has taken her love of fashion to the next level, recently acting as a guest editor for the urban style blog Fashion Bomb Daily. She opened up about her future ambitions on the site.

BET reports Simmons shared with fans on the blog that she will be creating her own fashion line in the near future. The news comes after Simmons worked with famed designer Rachel Roy as an intern.

"You may not know this, but I am working on a fashion line!" Simmons wrote on the website, according to BET. "I was ecstatic when one of my favorite fashion designers, Rachel Roy, agreed to have me as her apprentice for a few days last year."

Simmons went into further detail about the project on her personal website, AngelaIam.

"My apprenticeship was primarily focused on learning from Rachel's experience in the fashion industry and gaining insight and tips to success," Simmons wrote to her fans. "Some of these tips included surrounding myself with people smarter than me, and staying true to my vision. She warned me that I will face difficult decisions throughout my career, but that the hardest decisions to make are usually the right ones."

Do you think Simmons will make it in the women's clothing world? Do you think she'll branch out to menswear?

December 4, 2012NewsComments400 Views