Angela Yee: Fighting Gossip 101

March 11, 2010NewsComments179 Views

By Souleo. Yesterday, Sirius radio personality Angela Yee gave us her take on the gossip phenomenon.  She returns today to give us her expert advice on how to handle gossip in everyday life from how to avoid to being the subject of rumors to dealing with gossiping family members.

On how to avoid being the subject of gossip:


1.  Try to not do anything stupid like don't get drunk and pass out at the club.


2.  Be careful who you're around and know who is a good friend or not.  I go out with people and if I don't know them well I don't say too much about anything and my guard is up, but with my friends I can go buckwild.


3.  You should never argue on Twitter or Facebook.  It's a big no-no.  People will try to provoke you to do something but don't.  The best thing is to ignore it because the more you feed into it the more attention you give to it.


How to handle gossip in the workplace:

1.  Do not participate in gossip in the workplace; it always comes back to you.  If I don't like someone instead of me saying I can't stand so and so I just say I don't know that person well and I keep it moving.


2.  It is good to listen to gossip 'because knowledge is important for your own personal information.  That's how I know everything I know.


How to handle family gossip:

I know my family all talks about each other.  In this case it's more important to listen and try not to be judgmental about people.




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March 11, 2010NewsComments179 Views