Angela Yee: To Gossip or not to Gossip

March 10, 2010NewsComments

By Souleo. We live in an age where gossip has saturated every facet of pop culture.  The result is a massive global obsession with the private lives of celebrities and reality stars that has left society with a seemingly unquenchable thirst for rumors and scandal.  For Angela Yee, the Sirius/XM Radio personality of "The Morning After," and 'Lip Service," it's a reality that has left her with growing concerns about the direction of society.


"I think that's part of what makes society right now messed up.  People like to film fights or someone mentally ill on the subway going crazy.  People think it's funny and people are desensitized to it [gossip]," she said.


Angela notes that the world's fascination with gossip is so prevalent now because of the virtually unlimited access we have to the lives of celebrities.


"I think a lot of it has to do with the internet and accessibility to people's lives.  Now everything is so instantaneous and with reality shows we look into people's lives.  These people are not celebrities until they get on a television show.  So people care about everything about a person due to the reality shows and the technology."


Angela, who always makes sure to give her listeners something to talk about as she fearlessly and hilariously interviews celebrities on all the hot issues, makes it a point to try and balance her gossip reporting with responsibility.  Besides her winning personality it's one of the features that helps separate her from most gossip reporters and bloggers.


"I try to be responsible when it comes to reporting.  I may know something about one's personal life off the record but I won't expose people.  If it's something that is already being talked about and on different sites then it's safe to say I can talk about that but I always state alleged until proven otherwise."


It's a delicate balance between gossiping with class and not but Angela seems to have mastered the art as her witty banter keeps listeners coming back for more.




Be sure to check out tomorrow's part two where Angela gives her tips on avoiding being the subject of gossip and dealing with everyday gossip in the workplace and family life.


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March 10, 2010NewsComments