Anthony Mackie keeps it real

June 27, 2012NewsComments
Anthony Mackie keeps it real

Anthony Mackie has been seen on the silver screen in hits like "Reel Steel" and "The Adjustment Bureau," though now he's taking on a more surprising character in the film "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter." The hunky actor recently opened up in Uptown Magazine to discuss his love of hip hop clothes, why he's not the average "good looking" actor and what keeps him grounded in the industry.

According to the news outlet, Mackie had his ego popped a long time ago, after friends and family told him it was his time to blow up, only to be highly disappointed. Because of it, he's been able to take each job as it comes and really live in the moment.

"Everybody was like 'This is it, dog, you’re blowing up,'" Mackie said in the interview. "I bought into it thinking that my 'Denzel time’ had come. I was left there with egg on my face."

Now, he tries to focus on scoring good, hearty roles that he can be proud of. He admits he cares less about being a celebrity and more about being a solid actor.

"There’s a difference between being a working actor and being a celebrity.… If you're in this field you have to ask yourself that in the beginning and be honest with yourself," Mackie told the news source. "If you want to be a celebrity, go after that 100 percent. If you want to be a working actor, it may mean doing a play that no one sees, but you love the craft."

Csicon.org reports the actor, who plays Will Johnson in the upcoming vampire flick, discussed his other aspirations in film during a recent junket for the movie. He admitted he hopes to play the Black Panther as rumors are swirling around that the Marvel comic book may be coming to the big screen in the future.

"I love Black Panther and I love the story behind it. It would be cool to be a part of it," Mackie told the news outlet.

The news outlet reports Marvel is looking to create a film based off of the Black Panther character. It may even be the company's still-unannounced 2014 production.

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June 27, 2012NewsComments