Apple rumored to be moving on to accessories

February 13, 2013NewsComments227 Views
Apple rumored to be moving on to accessories

Apple has been able to dominate all aspects of the electronics industry - from mp3 players and computers to tablets and cell phones - the sky is the limit for this brand. However, with little left to accomplish in this realm, the company seems to have its sights set on taking over another market - watches. 

That's right, Apple is reportedly looking into developing a watch that will have a sleek design and many components of the Apple products built in. The New York Times reports the timepiece is rumored to be shaped into a sexy, curved-glass design that would leave James Bond envious. 

The gossip began last year when Corning, the maker of the Gorilla Glass used for the iPhones, announced it solved "the difficult engineering challenge of creating bendable glass," with a product known as Willow Glass, according to the newspaper. With this hurdle cleared, Apple can now create a watch in the desired shape. 

It's not just the style that might get fans excited, the features are sure to impress as well. MacWorld.com reports rumors have been swirling that the proposed "iWatch" would operate on the iOS software, allowing the timepiece to alert a wearer of an incoming call on an iPhone, display text messages and show upcoming events.

No concrete information has been divulged by Apple as of yet.

Would you be interested in an iWatch?

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February 13, 2013NewsComments227 Views