Audio systems that will blow your mind

March 12, 2013NewsComments
Audio systems that will blow your mind

Music has always played a large role in the lives of people young and old, and how people listen to their favorite tunes has continued to change for the better. Music players have gone from eight tracks and records to Walkman's and iPods, though most recently, going wireless is king. Hypebeast magazine reports one new Bluetooth-equipped product is sure to please both music lovers and sports enthusiasts alike.

Bluetooth basketball
Sports technology business 94Fifty recently announced its latest music player, a Bluetooth basketball. That's right, this specialized basketball not only allows fans to listen to their favorite pump up songs while hitting the court, but can also help them hone in on their skills. The company describes the products as "motion sensor basketballs for rapid skills development" that sync up to iPhones, iPads or other wireless tablets. 

94Fifty paired up with Spaulding for its latest endeavor and made sure to keep basketball skills in mind during the process. The ball not only produces high-quality sound, but also keeps track of an individual's abilities on the court, detailing everything from how well they shoot to how many dribbles and passes they make on average. More impressive, the ball also boasts workout plans and competition modes for up to four players, basically making it an interactive video game. The news outlet reports fans can get their hands on the 94Fifty Bluetooth Basketball in October -  it will cost $200. 

Bluetooth table
Fans of lounging around and listening to tunes are not forgotten. In fact, La Boite Concept, an electronic accessory company, recently came out with a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi table designed with leisure in mind. Freshness magazine reports the French brand announced its latest product, the LD120, that looks like a regular table until someone connects it with an iPod. 

The table lets music lovers rock out thanks to the seven built-in stereo sound speakers, multiple amplifiers, docking areas for MP3 players and a USB DAC hi-fi sound card to help increase the sound quality both for music and if watching movies or TV. 

These features may be enough to impress, but it seems like the company has truly thought of everything thanks to the table's sleek piano lacquer finish and leather tabletop, which helps keep vibrations from the music down. The table is currently available for purchase.

Would you be interested in either of these Bluetooth products? Do you think the basketball is worth $200?

March 12, 2013NewsComments