Barack Obama Attends Jay Leno Show

April 5, 2009NewsComments

President Barack Obama is right on target when answering questions about our economic crisis, his plan to further economic growth, and his personal life in office. Obama discusses with Jay Leno his mission for success. His focus was to properly deal with health care, energy, and education issues to increase our economic status growth. He refers Washington as American Idol—and “everyone” is Simon. I couldn’t disagree.    

Everyone has their own opinion about our economy. It took 8 years to create this mess. It will take awhile to get out. If we gain confidence in Obama’s journey, we may see that light at the end of the tunnel. Until then, we will see darkness. The younger generations needs to take action. Mr. President advises young people can study careers that will produce goods and improve our lifestyle. Careers such as an engineer, scientist, doctor or teacher will better the economy in the future. Obama cannot run this country alone.  The President needs your help.  

On the bright side, Jay Leno gets the chance to ask the president the life of presidency.  Obama is cool with having the privilege of riding an Air Force 1.  Who would have thought that our president bowls a “129” in bowling?  Speaking of sports, Obama still enjoys a game of basketball.  It’s great that he still remains to have that drive on and off the court.  Obama is rutting for North Carolina’s Tar Heels for the #1 spot in college basketball.  The president still remains to keep his promise to his daughters in getting a puppy that the family will love.  It’s nice to see a man that is still a father to his children, a husband to Michelle, and a leader of our country—who so happens to be our president.

Photo Source: White House Photo, 3/30/09 , Lawrence Jackson


April 5, 2009NewsComments