Beyonce, Jay-Z  and more get hacked

March 13, 2013NewsComments
Beyonce, Jay-Z  and more get hacked

The rise of the internet has come with many perks, such as the ability to stream music, watch videos and keep in touch with friends and family, but it has also stemmed a few problems. Mainly, there has been a rise in internet hacking, targeting everyone from public figures to average Joe's. 

Most recently, the financial records of many prominent celebrities and politicians were compromised. The information was then posted on a website with a picture of a young girl holding her index finger up to her lips as if to tell viewers to keep the information quiet, BET reports.

The site, which is believed to have originated in Russia, supposedly contained personal information like social security numbers and bank account numbers of celebs including Jay-Z, Beyonce and Michelle Obama.

Despite the scare, the FBI and Los Angeles police have yet to rule if the information posted is accurate, but both departments are continuing to look into the matter, according to the Huffington Post.

"LAPD detectives are investigating the recent disclosure of Chief [Charlie] Beck's personal information. Apparently this is not necessarily a hacking incident. It is called 'doxxing.' This has happened to the chief on two other occasions prior to this in a similar nature post Occupy L.A. ..." LAPD officials wrote in a statement to the news outlet. 

Do you think these major public figures actually got hacked? Did you check out the site before it went down?

March 13, 2013NewsComments