Is Beyonce the next to make a documentary?

August 6, 2012NewsComments
Is Beyonce the next to make a documentary?

Beyonce Knowles is known for being a fierce performer, designer of women's urban clothes and a mega mogul, however fans may soon be able to see a softer, more personal side of the talented singer and actress. The Los Angeles Times is reporting Bey will soon be letting her fans see the ins and outs of her fabulous life through a documentary she is planning to direct and star in.

The story line is assumed to be similar to the documentaries put out by fellow musicians Justin Bieber and Katy Perry, which all showcase a mix of behind-the-scenes looks at their unique concert and stage performances as well as what they enjoy doing in their down time. Many fans might be hoping for husband Jay-Z and daughter Blue Ivy to make cameos throughout the film, though nothing has been locked down as of yet.

It's possible Bey has already had certain parts of the film in the works, ranging from her pregnancy and the birth of baby Blue to her weight loss struggles post-baby and her difficult split from her longtime manager and father Mathew Knowles.

According to the Times, Beyonce and her representatives at agency ICM have been shopping a nonfiction film to Hollywood studios over the past few weeks. A source close to the starlet added Bey's agent has been showing studios about 20 minutes of recorded footage to detail what the film would be like.

Although the documentary deal may only be a rumor as of now, one thing Beyonce is glad to open up about is her recent partnership with the United Nations. BET reports the diva will be launching a global campaign along with the UN that will encourage people to do good for others. The campaign will launch on World Humanitarian Day, August 19, and Bey is excited to be a part of the plan.

"We all see the headlines and we think what I can really do to help," Beyonce said in a statement. "World Humanitarian Day is an opportunity for all of us to work together to make a difference. This is our time to leave our mark on the world and show that we were here and we care."

Bey's song "I Was Here" will be the background song for the campaign and a video for it will be filmed in the UN General Assembly Hall in New York in front of a live audience.

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August 6, 2012NewsComments