Beyonce opens up about getting fit after Blue

May 3, 2012NewsComments181 Views
Beyonce opens up about getting fit after Blue

Beyonce only delivered her and Jay's new baby Blue Ivy back in January, but the mega star is already back in fighting shape. Most recently, Bey has been seen out and about hitting the pavement in New York City in bright hip hop clothes and taking in the beach scene while vacationing on St. Barts. It's no secret that Bey has had to literally work her butt off to achieve these astounding results, and Us Weekly Magazine recently got the inside scoop on what Bey does to get fit from her personal trainer.

Marco Borges is Beyonce's New York trainer and has worked with the A-list star to help her get back to her pre-baby form. Borges told the magazine Beyonce hits the gym five times a week and the key to her success is mixing up the workouts.

"We do cardio and plyometric moves like lunges and jumps on and off a bench," Borges told the news outlet.

Borges added that Bey likes to use kettlebells to strengthen and tone and has a well-balanced diet consisting of lean meats and vegetables.

"You don’t have to eat only celery sticks," Borges said on eating right, according to the magazine. "Be sensible and exercise consistently."

The new mama was also recently named "World's Most Beautiful Woman" by People Magazine and in the spread, Bey opens up about life after giving birth and all the beauty that comes along with motherhood and the work she puts in at the gym.

"I counted calories. I worked out maybe three to four times a week," Bey told People about starting her workout routine about a month after giving birth. "I did a lot of walking in the beginning and now I'm running. But I had to work my way up. I couldn't just go right from being pregnant to running." 

May 3, 2012NewsComments181 Views