Big Boi opens up

May 17, 2012KicksComments145 Views
Big Boi opens up

Big Boi, one-half of the hip hop group OutKast, has been in the shadows for the past few years - but he is ready to come back out fighting. The artist recently spoke with BET about his upcoming solo album, a possible OutKast reunion, what artists he's into right now and hip hop clothes.

According to the source, Big Boi is excited about his sophomore solo album and added that it's going to be different than anything he's done before.

"Every different genre of music will be used," Big Boi told the news outlet. "Hip hop is the least thing I listen to right now. I've been listening to lots of folk, bluegrass and rock. Groups like Mumford & Sons, Lana Del Rey."

Big Boi admitted the new album features many unique artists, including Swedish electro-pop group Little Dragon as well as indie rock band Modest Mouse. As for making more music with his OutKast partner Andre 3000, Big Boi claims they're always working together and there is no bad blood. Instead, the duo has just been on different paths as of late, but the bond is still fully intact.

The rapper is trying to set the record straight after rumors starting coming out that the duo were planning on reuniting for a new album.

"I said we were working on music, not the OutKast album," Big told the publication on how certain rumors got started. "Sometimes he comes to the studio and be in my sessions just checking out music. People get excited when they see us in the studio together, but it was never for one specific project. Sometimes Dre's in the studio listening to my new music."

Hip Hop Wired reports Andre may be in the running to play famed musician Jimi Hendrix in a biopic titled "All Is By My Side," though nothing has been confirmed.

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May 17, 2012KicksComments145 Views