Big Sean’s Ex Naya Rivera Ties The Knot

July 23, 2014NewsComments743 Views

“My girl’s on Glee and sh*t/ Probably makin more money than me and sh*t,” rapped Big Sean in the not-so-distant past. But those days of Naya Rivera being “his girl” are now long gone. The high-profile relationship between Big Sean and Naya Rivera ended three months ago when Sean called off the wedding, but hopes of reconciliation don’t seem too likely, that’s because Naya Rivera is officially off the market.

Rivera married actor Ryan Dorsey on July 19 in Cabo San Lucas. Though they have only been dating since April, right after she and Big Sean broke up, Naya and Ryan have reportedly been friends for a minute. But the story gets even better.

TMZ is reporting that the wedding date, dress and location of Rivera’s wedding did not change since her plans to wed Big Sean. In other words, she just swapped out the groom. So much for second chances.

Sources say that Rivera also never gave Sean back the engagement ring.

--Kim Osorio


July 23, 2014NewsComments743 Views