Big Sean tries his hand at fashion

February 25, 2013NewsComments101 Views
Big Sean tries his hand at fashion

In today's culture, more entertainers than ever are trying to branch out in other industries beyond music. The latest rapper to try and make it big in the fashion world is Big Sean, Vibe magazine reports. During a recent interview, Sean opened up about his newest venture and even showed off some of his designs for the shoot.

The clothing line, Finally Famous, is set to be a mix of casual wear ranging from T-shirts and pants to sweatshirts and jackets. In the pages of Vibe, Sean debuts the fashions - one outfit consisted of a long-sleeved tee with a lion logo and leather sleeves. It seems as though the rapper could be looking to fellow designer Kanye West for inspiration, as West has been known to have a love for leather as well.

In a press release, the young artist admitted he is far from knowing everything about the fashion world, but that he's excited and passionate about creating a successful line.

"Launching my own label is a dream come true for me," Big Sean said. "Even though I have a lot to learn about fashion and the industry, I do know what I like and the small details that make something stand out to me. I look forward to evolving the line with more colors, fabrications and offerings to show the other dimensions of my style progression over time."

Hypertrak reports pieces from his freshman collection are on display right now at the PROJECT Movement event in Las Vegas. This is the same event that Shaq announced he and Reebok will be re-releasing his once popular Shaqnosis and Shaq Attaq sneakers. 

Would you be interested in rocking any of Sean's designs? Do you think entertainers should stick to what they know and stay out of fashion?

February 25, 2013NewsComments101 Views