The Bizarre World of Bizarre

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By Souleo. Incest.  Bestiality.  Pedophilia.  Hip-hopper, Bizarre, of D12 rhymes about it all and then some.  On his third solo album, Friday Night at St. Andrews he delivers more of his err, comic tales covering a range of controversial topics.  Some call him brilliant.  Some call him offensive.  But everyone calls him Bizarre which is why JimmyJazz.com picked his intriguing brain to get his most peculiar life moments.  Fortunately none of them include any of the aforementioned topics.  Whew!



Bizarre Moment #1:


"I ate a weed brownie a couple of months ago that had Kush in it and had to cancel a show.  I never had to cancel a show before because of something I ate.  I got so high.  I was zoned out and didn't now where I was or that there was a show.  It took me about ten hours to recover."


Bizarre Moment #2:


I was on stage in New York and this dude jumped from the top balcony onto the stage.  He looked exactly like me but he was White with red hair.  He even had the same tattoos as me.  He was basically my twin.  It was kind of scary.


Moment #3:

"There was an obsessed fan in Philly standing on front of the bus demanding to see me.  He wouldn't leave even though the cops were called and security came out.  He wanted to see me and have me sign his autograph.  He stood there from morning until night so I had to go out there and show him some love.  I was appreciative that he was so serious about meeting me.


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July 8, 2010NewsComments