B.o.B. claims to have best album of the year

October 7, 2013Comments117 Views
B.o.B. claims to have best album of the year

Fans have been anticipating a third album from B.o.B. for several years now, but he promises it'll be worth the wait.

In fact, according to All Hip Hop, he's sure that "Underground Luxury," which will be released later this year, will be the best album of 2013. In an interview with MTV News, the Atlanta rapper clarified that he respects the "greats," like Kanye West and Jay Z, but he's still confident that his tracks will trump theirs.

He's also optimistic about the climate in the hip hop community.

"This year was a crazy year, everybody put out an album, but I feel like just the energy that's back in hip hop, it's like back what you saw in the '90s when it was real superstar energy," he said, as quoted by Hot New Hip Hop. "I feel like that's very present among us."

Do you have faith that "Underground Luxury" will live up to Bobby Ray's promises?

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October 7, 2013Comments117 Views