Bobby V: I Just Want to be Successful

December 8, 2010NewsComments

By Souleo Yesterday, Bobby V. opened up in our series, The Questions but he's not done keeping it real. Bobby, one of the more candid R&B male singers extended his talk with Jimmy Jazz and revealed his honest thoughts about what it really takes to reach the top of the music business. Sure, he's had a successful run thus far with No. 1 singles, platinum and gold albums, and collaborations with Lil' Wayne and Ludacris and more but for Bobby V. that is not enough. Bobby V. revealed a young man struggling to balance his own morals with a questionable industry as he talked the media's obsession with negative news, how he feels about comprising some of his religious values for success and why he still feels like an underdog.

On the industry pressure to be a bad boy:

It's sad when you do negative and it gets a lot of publicity. I have a foundation and do stuff for underserved communities but it never makes blog sites. When those pictures leaked of me with the two girls I got so much publicity out of that. My phone was blowing up and every radio station wanted to talk about it. It's sad and I wish the game was the other way around but knowing it's not I have to adapt. People are more into your lifestyle rather than your music. You got to do some things that are more risky and out of your character in order to be a top 10 artist. So I might do a reality show. I never wanted to do one but that's one of the things you have to do to adapt.


On compromising his values to find success:


You definitely have to compromise some of your values. It's hard to be 100% Christian in this industry and be successful. But I will never sell myself out. I'm willing to compromise as long as I can sleep at night.


On being an underdog:


I been in this game 5 years as a solo artist with 3 albums and I'm blessed to have been successful. Still I have never won a BET award, MTV award or a Grammy. I feel like the media and the awards is the stuff that makes you bigger and a A-list celebrity. The fans buy into and are fans for the ones that get the most publicity. It's all about perception. So I haven't had a chance to compete with the A-list celebrities and I feel like an underdog. I've been consistent in my lane and hopefully I will breakthrough.


Check out Bobby V's single from his forthcoming release Fly On the Wall, "Alter Ego," feat. 50 Cent here:

December 8, 2010NewsComments