Brandy is back on top

June 25, 2012NewsComments
Brandy is back on top

Brandy is one artist with staying power and she's returning to her acting roots these days. BET reports the soulful singer and actress will be making a guest appearance on Lifetime's "Drop Dead Diva" and is set to star in Tyler Perry's new film, "The Marriage Counselor." Brandy recently sat down with BET to discuss getting back into acting, life as a single mom and how she still looks so good in women's urban clothes.

According to the news outlet, Brandy loves acting and loves that she gets to portray a really strong, independent woman on "Drop Dead Diva." She admits it's a role she feels she can relate to in real life.

"I love that she's a family girl. She loves her son, her foundation is the integrity of taking care of people - she's a nurse. I can relate to her heartbreak with Jay, I can relate to the fact that she loves her son like I love my daughter," Brandy told the news source. "I felt like I could completely bring this character to life because in so many ways it's my life, except that I'm not a nurse and I have a daughter, not a son."

Despite the title of the show, Brady also admitted she's anything but a diva in real life. In fact, she claims she needs to act a bit more divalicious from time-to-time.

"[I'm not a diva] at all, and everyone around me thinks I need to get a little more diva in me. I don't have time to be a diva," Brandy tells the publication. "Who wants that? There's this stereotype thing when it comes to 'diva,' I always think it means you're full of yourself. But there are so many great divas out there who have a humble spirit and are very confident. So maybe I need to get a little more of that."

Brandy is also ready to come back in the music industry. Billboard Magazine reports the "Sitting on Top of the World" singer is set to release her new album, "Two Eleven 8/28" on August 28.

According to the magazine, the title is a reference to the month and date of her birthday and also pays a tribute to one of her idols, Whitney Houston, who passed away on February 11 of this year.

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June 25, 2012NewsComments