Brian McKnight: Love & Marriage Part 3 of 3

March 31, 2010NewsComments

By Souleo. Alas, we reach the end of our three part series with the cast of the new play Je'Caryous Johnson's Cheaper to Keep Her.  After Vivica A. Fox and Wendy Raquel Robinson dished on love marriage it's time to hear the male perspective.  Brian McKnight has been offering that perspective for a little over two decades through his classic love songs such as "Back at One," and "Anytime," so it comes as no surprise that he has a lot to say on the topic of love.


Brian is not holding back as he tells it like it is and recommends doing everything in one's power to keep your lover, why counseling before marriage should be mandatory and more.


Put in work:


"In order for a relationship to work both people need to give everything they have in order to make the other person happy.  When one person is doing all the thinking, loving and providing that gets old."


Get counseling before marriage:


"We need to have a better sense of ourselves before we go into any situation having kids or sex.  In other countries you can't get married until you can prove that you're able to handle that commitment.  So I think there should be counseling done to prove you can take care of and support a family."


Divorce court ain't always fair:

"Don't marry someone if they don't have as much at stake as you do.  When it comes to court and divorce it's financial for a man and for a woman it's emotional nine times out of ten.  But they both go into it being emotional.  It's a tough thing on both sides to handle."



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March 31, 2010NewsComments