Cam Newton is ready to march

September 7, 2012NewsComments
Cam Newton is ready to march

Cam Newton continues to battle on and prove his worth as the Carolina Panthers QB. The New York Times reports the athlete, who was recently on the September cover of GQ (the one without the Jets' Tim Tebow) opened up about his life in the spotlight and how he enjoys dressing nicely on game day and every day in between.

Now set to begin his second season as the Panther's QB, Newton seems more confident and more in tune with the goals he needs to accomplish. Ron Rivera, coach of the Panthers, discussed the young athlete's attributes on the playing field.

"It's interesting, Peyton Manning took his style of quarterbacking to another level. Cam, his style of quarterbacking, I think it can go to another level," Rivera told the publication regarding his star player. "He's got some special attributes, combined with his size and his arm strength and his athleticism. He's just a different type of quarterback that we haven't seen in this league."

The Associated Press reports the young athlete's first order of business will be to set the season off right with a win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on September 9. In his rookie season, Newton threw 4,051 yards and accounted for 35 touchdowns along with 21 passes and 14 rushing yards.

The Bucs may be ready for the athlete, but it isn't without fear. The Bucs defensive tackle Gerald McCoy told the publication Newton's skills are weighing heavily on the team's minds.

"People are so afraid of him running the ball, but he uses his legs to get open so he can pass it," McCoy told the news source. "He's not a run-first guy. Most people think he is, but you don't just throw for 4,000 yards for no reason. He likes to pass the ball. And as big as he is, he still likes to have open lanes so that he can pass."

Fans of Newton can watch him soar or fumble during the team's season opener in Tampa Bay on September 9.

September 7, 2012NewsComments