Cam'ron Promises New Music - Every Month

April 18, 2014Comments626 Views
Cam'ron Promises New Music - Every Month

Cam'ron is not your typical hip hop artist. He gained instant attention on Vine with the videos he and girlfriend JuJu posted last summer, he rocks a cape like no other and, more importantly, he has new music on the way.

In a recent interview with Mass Appeal, the rapper revealed that he's teamed up with Dame Dash for an EP that's slated to come out later in 2014. He also has a few other projects on the fire not only in the music realm, but also in film and fashion, including a collab with A-Trak and new line of - you guessed it - capes. Could this be Cam's comeback?

One of the most exciting developments is "The First of the Month." 

"I'm putting out an EP every month with a 30-minute episode so you're not waiting a year or more for the next album," he explained to the source. "It's kinda like a show version of 'Killa Season.' Instead of spending money on one movie, every month you have something new to look forward to."

Are you psyched for Cam's triumphant return this year?

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April 18, 2014Comments626 Views