Can MySpace be saved?

June 20, 2013NewsComments207 Views
Can MySpace be saved?

MySpace was once the most prominent social media site around - enter Facebook, Twitter Instagram and Snapchat and soon, the founder of Internet sharing was done for. Even when Justin Timberlake announced he'd decided to becoming part-owner of MySpace in late 2012, some fans still had their doubts.

MSN Money reports the revamped site re-launched in January 2013 and even with Timberlake's help, has yet to grow in popularity as it once did. However, the musician who literally grew up on MySpace, isn't ready to give up on his new baby. 

According to BET, Timberlake recently released a new commercial showcasing exactly what MySpace is meant to be used for in 2013. Forget about creeping on people's profiles, the updated social media outlet is looking to cater to upcoming artists, musicians and other entertainers. 

The commercial, which aired June 12, features a slew of popular MCs including Mac Miller, Pharrell and Chance the Rapper, giving doubters a chance to figure out they want to be friends. Christian Parkes, the site's vice president of global marketing, has come out saying the ad has made a difference.

"The people are signing up, which is exactly what we wanted and then everything from a sentiment standpoint has been really, really positive and so immediate," Parkes shared in a statement.

Are you willing to give the new MySpace a try?

June 20, 2013NewsComments207 Views