Cappie’s Got Game

September 13, 2010NewsComments102 Views

By Souleo. Behind every game is a story of blood, sweat, tears, and if you're fortunate to win, joy.  In continuing her "takeover" Cappie is reflecting on her most memorable games including the thrill of her first championship win, why her mother was the best part of her Olympics gold medal win and how a recent game loss is inspiring her to get better than ever.


Game: Phoenix Mercury vs. Detroit Shock

Season: 2007

Winner: Phoenix Mercury, WNBA Championship Title

This was our championship game and we just dominated on their home court.  I didn't expect it to be that way.  We dominated from the beginning to the end and they had no chance of coming back in the game.   Every last player played really well.  When the buzzer went out I grabbed the ball and threw it in the air.  To win my first championship felt so good.  It made me hungry for more.


Game: Olympics Games, Beijing 2008

Winner: USA, Gold Medal

When they put the gold medal around my neck I took it off and gave it to my mom.  To have her in the stands and support me was awesome.  In the past my mom was big on if you're a girl to do girl things and she thought basketball was a guy sport. But as she learned the game she grew to love it and now she is one of my biggest supporters.  So for her to experience the whole Olympics while I won was memorable in and of itself.


Game: New York Liberty vs. Atlanta Dream

Season: 2010 Eastern Conference Finals, Game 2

Winner: Atlanta Dream

This was one of the hardest games physically and mentally and we didn't win.  We didn't have enough depth.  Everything wasn't going right on our end and we couldn't get over the hump of a team that had a lot of momentum.  There are things I could have done differently to help my team win.  I would have mentally blocked out things.  So now when I'm training and running laps and feel like I can't make it through, I will not stop.   I will challenge myself to be stronger.


September 13, 2010NewsComments102 Views