Carmine Gotti: All Grown Up

April 8, 2010NewsComments400 Views

By Souleo. Think back to your teenage years.  Were they filled with bad relationship choices, intense emotional experiences and wild parties?  Do you look back and cringe at your behavior and laugh at the mistakes you made?  The likely answer is yes to all the above.  Carmine Gotti, the grandson of notorious crime boss John Gotti, can relate to some of these experiences as well.  The difference is that he's lived out his development in the public eye on A&E's "Growing Up Gotti" reality show and received a public image of being a spoiled immature teenager.  Now Carmine is 23 years-old and preparing to erase that image from the public perception with his forthcoming self-titled debut album.  After laying low for awhile Carmine is now opening up on everything from passing on a "Jersey Shore" offer to the advantage of being a Gotti in the music business.


On how he's grown since "Growing Up Gotti"


"What viewers saw was only 25 minutes of footage from the whole day and they used the craziest possible stuff for their ratings.  I have no regrets about the show but I desperately needed a break from it.  Since the show I've concentrated on my life and career and matured into a young man.  I am concentrating more on my priorities, college, work and music."



On why he declined to be part of a precursor to MTV's "Jersey Shore"


"My brothers and I have been offered a few times a "Jersey Shore" show before it became that but we turned it down.  We were in meetings with MTV but I didn't want to go backwards and be stereotyped.  Our show had the same things so I can't say anything bad about "Jersey Shore," but I just wanted to step out of that."


On defending his controversial grandfather, John Gotti:


"My grandfather is my grandfather and I love him no matter what.  He was the greatest grandfather I could have had and he was more of a father to me.  I don't know him as anything else.  I guess half the world loves him and half hate him.  Those that hated him didn't know him."


On the state of his family:


My brother, John is in school now and he graduated this May.  After that he's going to be off to law school and he has a business in Queens.  My brother, Frankie is in his second year of college.  My mom is my mother and still writing her books."


On whether the namesake Gotti has helped or hindered his music career:


"There are pros and cons.  People always think of some judgmental opinion 'cause of my name but I use it as a positive.  I use it to keep them off guard.  Every time somebody hears my music they are surprised and think that's great."


April 8, 2010NewsComments400 Views