A Celebration of Sucking Toes, Love and Pepa

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By Souleo. Last night it was all about dating, relationships, sucking toes, and of course Sandra “Pepa” Denton of the legendary hip-hop group, Salt-N-Pepa, at the “Let’s Talk About Pep” launch party to celebrate her new hit real life VH1 comedy. The event was held Tuesday night in New York City at Quo and produced by Patty Laurent of Patty Laurent Signature and Gavin Wray of Gavfam Music.


“Let’s Talk About Pep,” follows Pepa and her three friends as they search for love in the capital of hooking up, New York City. At the event the cast members celebrated more than the show being a hit, they also reflected on their personal growth while being on the series. Pepa is content to finally be in a place where she knows exactly what she wants and can tell the fake from the real.

“I'm proud I took my celibacy break. Doing the show has taught me that I know what I want and won’t settle for less. I can smell the B.S. now and I learned that,” she said.

Cheryl “Salt” James who does not appear on the show but is a producer for it is currently working on an inspirational book and music with Pepa, as well as her own solo material. But it’s the work she realizes she needs to do on her communication skills in her marriage from watching the show that she opened up about at the event.

“I learned that when we argue it’s important sometimes to be able to walk away and figure out what I could have done differently to avoid it escalating. There is always something you could have done to turn it in another direction,” she said.

Sports journalist and model, Joumana Kidd thought she was ready to head in the direction of love after her recent divorce from NBA player, Jason Kidd but she revealed that she is not nearly as ready for love as she’d like to be.

“I learned that I am not as healed from my divorce as I thought I was and that it’s a process. I thought I could date but I realized different patterns and things I did for safety. I stayed away from anybody with potential. The girls are so brutally honest and it’s a good thing that helped me,” she said.

News journalist and TV personality, Jacque Reid is simply pleased that she show is allowing her to get to know not only herself but her friends in a whole new light.

“Being with these three women I learned from them all the time and we opened up about things we never talked about as friends,” she said.

One new thing she learned is that her friend and fellow cast member, voiceover actress and media personality, Kali “Kittie” Troy loves to get her toes sucked. In the now infamous scene from the show, Kittie has a man suck on her toes on their first date in the backseat of a car. For those that are curious she has no problem returning the favor.

“I have sucked guys toes—all ten. But that’s a privilege and not every guy gets that. Sucking toes is up there with the other sucking so not everybody gets that,” she said. And if you didn’t know it, Kittie was the voice of BET’s popular animated character Cita of “Cita’s World.”

With all the fun and toe sucking going on there’s still a message of empowerment and love about the show that producer and sister of Salt, Kim James, believes is the heart of the show.

“These women do want a man and need that balance but the show shows that in the meantime you have to spend time alone and love yourself first. You need to learn things about yourself so that when that king comes to you there is something you can bring to that relationship,” she said.

With their sassiness, hilarious dating misadventures and revealing honesty these ladies are not only bringing a message of empowerment but also a whole lot of entertainment to viewers.

Kittie’s Toe-Sucking Date

For more information about “Let’s Talk About Pep” please visit: http://www.vh1.com/shows/lets_talk_about_pep/series.jhtml

January 21, 2010Comments1981 Views