Celebrities Call for Changes: Keep Music Alive

July 21, 2010NewsComments

By Souleo. w/assistance from Melissa Santaella - Is the music dying?  Many ponder this question considering the state of low record sales, piracy and a seemingly dearth of high quality mainstream acts.  Some of the music industry's most talented artists shared their thoughts on what it will take to keep the music alive during the kick off concert of the New Music Seminar, the future of music conference for artists and industry at New York City's Webster Hall.


Pop singer, Kat DeLuna didn't hold back when it came to expressing her view that the industry needs more guidelines in place to protect independent artists.



"I wish that there were more changes in where we would have more videos being played on TV and just giving more love back to the organic artists," she said.


Comedienne and conference host, Margaret Cho noted that without the financial well-being of artists and musicians we may lose many talented people who can't afford to make a living anymore in the industry.



"I would like to see the industry itself be more compassionate towards artists and making sure that we can retain our intellectual, artistic and financial integrity.  I think that right now it's confusing how people make money in this industry and I want to see people take care of the artists."


For Yonas, a fast-rising hip-hop talent, Billboard Magazine World Songwriting Contest winner and avid shopper of Jimmy Jazz's hip-hop clothing it's going to take more unity to keep the music from dying.



"I would love to see people come together a little bit more.  I think everyone is kind of separated and everyone's got their own movements.  I think we need to bring it together just a little bit more."


One group that has kept it together for over 20 years and weathered numerous changes in the music business is Naughty by Nature.  The group recently announced a forthcoming release of a new album.  But member, Vin Rock is ready to remind listeners that they never left the scene so don't call it a comeback.



"Well we never left.  We just lost our third member and our producer [DJ Kay Gee] for a minute but me and Treach kept going.  We never stop touring and we always keep a viral presence," he said.


With their team fully back together Vin says that listeners can expect more of the classic Naughty by Nature sound that has made them icons in hip-hop.


"It's gonna be just hot music with more party anthems, more street anthems, more records that make you think and tearjerkers."


The evening concluded with a concert featuring rousing performances by Kat, Naughty by Nature and more.  The New Music Seminar brought out the real views of artists on a forever changing industry with the hope of saving the music business before it's too late.

July 21, 2010NewsComments