Celebrities Honor Those Who Make a Difference

June 15, 2010NewsComments

By Souleo. Too often the generous, humble and courageous spirits of those who make a difference never receive the acknowledgment and support they deserve.  At this weekend's 1st annual fundraiser for the Moving Mountains organization founded by actor, Jamie Hector (HBO's "The Wire" and NBC's "Heroes") some of those spirits who change lives for the better were rightfully honored.


Inside the expansive downtown New York City loft of actor Kwane Spinks, youth members of Moving Mountains performed for and presented awards to this year's honorees which included:  WBLS radio personality Egypt (Image Award), Actor Michael K. Williams (Humanitarian Award), Robert Vasquez (Humanitarian Award) and Gifted Apparel for their continued support of the Moving Mountains organization.  For over 2 years the organization has served inner-city youth between the ages of 10-20 in developing their talents, attaining life skills and providing academic, counseling and various other services by way of the performing arts.


We got some of the night's attendees to share their stories on individuals who impacted their lives including Egypt's tale of inspiration from her teacher who died of AIDS, how Jamie found himself through a youth organization and more.



In the ninth grade my favorite teacher in the world, Mr. Campbell told the class he had AIDS and this was at the beginning of AIDS.  He passed three years later and that was my reality check that we can be here today and gone tomorrow.  He was an amazing inspiration because he took everyday and lived it like his last.


So I try to give and not just take, and make the most of everyday.  Many of us do not take the time and care to give it back God's blessings.  So I try to make sure I'm a living expression of those before me and what they have given back to me.



Those that made the most difference in my life are my mother, the organization Tomorrow's Future theatre company and the leaders in Brooklyn.  The organization gave me my love for acting which also was the model for my organization.  Sometimes people are talented and don't know what they are gifted at and that organization helped me recognize what I was good at.  My mom supported me in everything I did.  She showed me how to move mountains and was there for me every step of the way.


J.D. Williams:

I wouldn't be in this industry without a teacher of mine, Ms. Sharon.  When I graduated high school she took me to a photographer, paid for my photos, took me to the agency and literally got me started by my hand.  That was motivation for me to keep going for it.

For more information please visit:  http://www.movingmountainsnyc.org



June 15, 2010NewsComments