Celebrity stylist Kithe Brewster talks dressing curves

March 29, 2012NewsComments102 Views

The best part of being a woman is being able to show off those curves. Whether a size 0 or 14, ladies who know how to dress their bodies always look beautiful. Essence Magazine recently talked with celebrity stylist Kithe Brewster to discuss dressing bigger bodies right.

According to the magazine, Brewster has dressed the top curvy women in the hip hop and acting worlds including A-list stars like Viola Davis and the fabulous Beyonce.

Style.uz reports that Brewster has been in the fashion industry for a long time and has honed his craft by searching out creative looks that are unique and flattering for women in the U.S. and throughout Europe.

Brewster told Essence Magazine that the best way to represent curves is by finding a look that defines the waist.

"The most important thing for a curvy girl is to separate the curves," Brewster told the publication. "There are many ways to define one's waist, and belts are probably the simplest way."

Although dark colors can be boring, Brewster reports they can be the most flattering. Plus, ladies can always add personal style through their accessories or shoes. He adds that layering a black outfit with a white fitted blazer or sweater can also help bring a pop of color while defining the curves.

"Layering can be a curvy girl's friend. A cardigan or some sort of tunic that works over the jean, giving you the skinny silhouette on the bottom with a nice high heel, is a really great look on a curvy girl," Brewster shared with the magazine. "When you layer you can work that tight-on-the-bottom silhouette with a looser piece on top. It's a flirty layering way to make it fun and exciting."

These tips can be helpful to women looking to dress their curves right. Another solution to the curve dilemma is to look for clothing brands made for a women with hips and shape. The Apple bottom brand is known for making jeans, skirts and dresses for women with a booty who want to accentuate the shape.


March 29, 2012NewsComments102 Views