The Chunky Boyz Rep the Plus Size Crowd

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By Souleo.


In the world of hip-hop there is at least one rapper to rep for every segment of the hip-hop community.  You have your gangsta rappers for the thugs, your backpack rappers for the conscious crowd and your party rappers for the club crowd.  What is missing is a plus size rapper for the larger crowd.  Well, say no more because the Chunky Boyz are hoping to fill that void.  The rap duo consists of MTV reality stars from the “Rob & Big,” show, Big Black and his tag team partner, Bam Bam.  Together the two are aiming to deliver a confident message of empowerment for the plus size hip-hop crowd with their debut album, Overweight Champs.

“We are overweight but we have still had success in everything we have done. We never looked at our weight as a curse. We turned it into something positive and now this is our moniker. We won the championship,” Big Black states.




It’s that kind of unshakeable confidence, which Big Black humorously describes as being “fat and cocky,” that the two use to celebrate their size on songs such as their lead single “Rocking Double B’s,” which you can hear below.   The single was inspired by the need for fashionable plus size fashion in order to combat the stereotypes that big people don’t dress well or keep up their appearances.

“Everybody wants to make fat synonymous with smelling bad and looking bad but that’s not the case.  Big people want to look good too.  So I had a clothing company and they went up to 7X for the big people and sold very well,” Big Black said.

Bam Bam added, “We never believed in looking down look down.  We look good and dress good.  We don’t care if you don’t like us for our weight, then so be it.  So we really wrote this song and album to address the stereotypes we face being this size and to tell the haters to fall back or get crushed.”




In addition to the album the duo is planning a potential return to television, motivational speaking to obese youth and an expansion of the Double B clothing line to retail outlets such as Wal Mart and Kohl’s.  JimmyJazz.com is also the place to find hot plus size fashion items up to a size 3X.


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Chunky Boyz Photo Source: AXZM/Steve Floyd

December 4, 2009NewsComments571 Views