Color blocking like a pro

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Color blocking like a pro

Spring is now in full bloom and most ladies are eager to show their true colors through fun and sassy women's urban clothes. EBONY Magazine reports one of the season's hottest trends is color blocking mixed in with some skin, or nude fabrics. That's right ladies it's time to show off your killer abs or toned arms in flashy and funky hip hop clothes.

Stars like Leona Lewis, have taken this look to the extreme as she was recently photographed rocking a neon green midriff-baring bodice and a hot pink pencil skirt. Lewis took the nude and color blocking literally in this ensemble and you can try a similar look - or go for the more conservative approach.

To achieve this style, look for everything from accessories to skirts, shoes and dresses that have a nude tone paired with a bright color. For example, try to find a sandal at the sneaker store that is mainly made up of a nude or camel toned fabric but then has a pop of neon orange, blue or pink that totally makes the stilettos come to life.

If you're going for a color blocking dress or blouse and skirt combo, there are some tips to keep in mind. The Philadelphia Weekly recently broke down how to wear color blocking right, rather than looking like a hot mess.

Rule 1: Avoid colors that are exact opposites on the color wheel. For example, never rock orange and green alone.

Rule 2: Instead, keep the rule of two-thirds in mind. This means you should try to color block with colors that are within three shades of each other on the color wheel. For example, light green dark green and light blue work well together.

Rule 3: Add more personal flair by adding in fun accessories such as a metallic-toned belt or clutch or mixing different fabrics. For example, try a bold skirt in a silk or chiffon fabric with an equally bright cotton blouse.

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April 14, 2012NewsComments101 Views