David Banner: Big, Tall & Confident Style

June 2, 2010NewsComments245 Views

By Souleo. Everywhere you turn whether you're petite, curvy, average sized or big and tall there is always some so-called fashion expert enforcing a list of do's and don'ts to help you develop the right style.  If you're Grammy Award-winning recording artist/producer, David Banner you boldly disregard such advice.  While promoting his new collaborative album with producer, 9th Wonder (Little Brother, Jay-Z and Beyonce) David noted that big and tall men need to follow their own inner style guide.


"I realized that most of the guidelines for fashion come from people who have limitations.  Once they get in a power position they put those limits on others because it works for them.  I think once you're comfortable with who you are you see that fashion has to do with you.  It is internal and once others see your swagger they will be trying to figure out what you do," he said.


One of David's best tips for big and tall men to begin developing their own sense of style is by shopping early at their favorite stores for the widest selection of choices possible.


"Being big you have to shop early and know when a new line is coming out.  The big sizes especially for name brands go quick.  So for the everyday guy who has some money to spend on fashion during the recession be on it and be in the stores."


In the end whether or not you have money to shop doesn't matter to David so long as you maintain confidence as your best accessory.


"True fashion isn't something you buy.  It's something that just is so if you don't have it then it's nothing.  I can stand here buck naked and be a fashion icon 'cause I just am."


Now that's the kind of confidence that men and women of every size can use a little more of when it comes to style.



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June 2, 2010NewsComments245 Views