Diamond: Female Rappers Need “Lotta Money”

August 11, 2010NewsComments

By Souleo. In the mainstream debate surrounding the state of females in hop-hop there are many reasons listed for its stagnancy: sexism, minimal originality, lack of unity and more.  But could the reason be as simple as hip-hop clothing?  According to former Crime Mob member turned solo hip-hopper, Diamond one of the main reasons why females are not progressing is due to the high costs associated with their fashion, hair and make-up.


"It's difficult because the average dude can take $1,000 and get T-shirts and shorts.  The only thing that costs them money is jewelry.  So if they get 10 chains made and spent $100,000 that will last the rest of their life until you pawn and make it something else.  But for women if it's cheap it will look cheap," she says.


Diamond whose new single, "Lotta Money," lyrically addresses the material needs of a woman knows is fully aware that labels and managers are no longer willing to invest huge amounts of money into the glam component.  That's why she has taken matters into her own hands to have one less odd against her chances as a femcee.


"I just met my hairstylist 2 years ago and I been doing this since 14.  I also taught myself how to do make-up for when make-up isn't there.  I got my wardrobe together 6 months ago.  So it's easy for me because I'm already a package.  I came to my management with my glam squad and to my label with both my glam squad and management."


Fellow female rappers may want to heed Diamond's words and actions or start shopping the sale items section, since it'd be a shame for great talent to go wasted over urban clothes.


August 11, 2010NewsComments