Did You Miss Yesterday's NFL Trades?

March 14, 2014Comments347 Views
Did You Miss Yesterday's NFL Trades?

If for some reason you were unaware of the major NFL trades that happened this week, it's time to get up to date - and Jimmy Jazz has you covered.

First off, Jonathan Martin has officially left the Miami Dolphins. The offensive lineman was traded to the San Francisco 49ers for a conditional draft pick - reuniting him with former Stanford coach, Jim Harbaugh.

After the Saints' Darren Sproles went on the trading block this week, there was no telling where he might end up. It turns out he's headed from New Orleans to Philadelphia - and the move seems to make sense. Complex magazine pointed out that the Eagles offense lines up with his playing style.

The real hype happened when Darrelle Revis became a free agent after the Buccaneers gave up trying to trade him over the past few weeks. NFL fans of every team you can think of wanted him - and they all took to Twitter to make this clear. It didn't take long for Revis to find a new home - he signed with the New England Patriots within just a few hours of being released from Tampa Bay.

Football season may be a few months away, but with these developments, you'll probably want to gear up ahead of time - so check out the selection of NFL goods at JimmyJazz.com.

Which trade are you most psyched about?

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March 14, 2014Comments347 Views