DJ Commish’s Celebrity Party Tales

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By Souleo. In the DJ realm there is only one "commander-in-chief" and that is NYC's own, DJ CommishDJ Commish has worked with some of the biggest artists and corporations in the industry including Jay Z, BET, VIBE, AOL, the NBA and the NFL.  With his exclusive access to the stars you can bet that DJ Commish has some interesting tales to share on the celebrity party scene.

Some of the observations DJ Commish makes involves the party habits of the stars.  The most interesting habit comes from, Lil' Kim for her super late appearances.

"During the last two years of my New Year's parties she likes to come in at four in the morning.  Normally at four people are completely wasted and ready to go home but she is juts getting to the party and wanting to get it started," he said.

When the party does start, DJ Commish knows to expect the unexpected.  One unexpected occurrence involved Ray J and a flashing episode in the men's bathroom.

"I took a break from DJ'ing a party to go to the bathroom and Ray J followed right behind me.  So we're using the bathroom and talking about his album and the party.  Then some chick comes up between the two stalls and flashes him.  He apologized to me and was like this happens all the time.  Later when he came up to the DJ booth some other chicks came up and were wilding out too," he recalled.


Aside from the fun tales DJ Commish even has experience being caught in the crossfire of hip-hop heat, most notably the 50 Cent vs. Ja Rule vs. Fat Joe beef.

"I did a G-Unit barbecue 4 or 5 years ago and I was not allowed to play Ja Rule or Fat Joe.  The funny thing is it didn't come from the G-Unit camp at all but it came from the company working with G-Unit for the site.  50 Cent wasn't even there.  Olivia, Young Buck and others were there but they didn't even care.  They were there chilling so that was crazy," he said.

DJ Commish's craziest experience comes from outside the celebrity world with a near riot that almost landed him in jail.

"There was one night in Pittsburgh when I played Crime Mob's "Knuck if you Buck."  I didn't hear the record but five or six people requested it at the club so I played it.  There was a part where the girl starts her verse and once she started it was a riot in the club.  Police came in and shut the whole thing down.  They tried to arrest me for inciting a riot.  I had no idea and that happens to DJ's with certain records," he said.

It's these colorful experiences and memories that make it all worthwhile for DJ Commish and why he continues to keep on spinning at all the hot parties and on Music Choice's Mix-tape Network.


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January 28, 2010NewsComments