DJ Scratch: “Smoke and mirrors in the clubs”

February 9, 2011Comments

DJ Scratch: "There are smoke and mirrors in the clubs"


By Souleo If you want an honest opinion on today's music scene sometimes your best bet is to ask the DJ (as long as they are not involved in Payola). The deejay reigns supreme as the gatekeeper of music with an influential position to make or break a record. DJ Scratch whose credits include Diddy, Jay-Z, The Roots and more represented for all DJ's by winning $250,000 and the title of "Master" on the Centric Network's Smirnoff reality series, "Master of the Mix." DJ Scratch kept it real with as he revealed the challenges behind-the-scenes of the show, why youth need to see the struggle and why the clubs ain't what they used to be.



On the "draining" competition:


It was physically draining. They didn't get to show it but in the Las Vegas challenge we were in 115 degree heat for seven hours in the sun and then we had to DJ. In all of our usual careers we don't do that. We will be in a hotel room under air conditioning and have everything set-up before we get on. So it took us out of our spoiled environments and took it back to paying the dues.


On what it takes to be successful:


On the come up you pay dues. I went on tour with Run DMC in 1998 in Australia and Japan. I had no hotel room. I took showers and ate at the venues so that's paying dues. That's why I was able to get through all of the behind the scenes stuff because I been through that. If they get a second season they need to show the struggle. Too many kids see the success but not the struggle and that's important.


On what it takes to get the club poppin':


A lot of DJ's can't blend at all. They use sound effects or scream on the microphone like Ralph Kramden to distract from their lack of mixing. There are smoke and mirrors in the clubs. An underground DJ who understands the art can play an Usher throwback and then go into the original Dionne Warwick sample and the crowd still rocks with it because it's the same music. Most of them won't know that song is a sample so they enjoy the original as well as the Usher version.


February 9, 2011Comments