DJ Webstar: Takes it back to School

March 18, 2010NewsComments

By Souleo. Should the urban Hollywood community do more for the communities they represent has been a question that many ask and few answer.  One talented urban celebrity who is answering that question through action is producer DJ Webstar.  After rising to fame alongside Young B with the hit "Chicken Noodle Soup," he has been on his grind producing for everyone from Diddy to Justin Bieber.  Still he finds time to give back as he recently he teamed up with Jimmy Jazz and HOT 97 for our school clothing drive and he regularly counsels youth at the Harlem Children's Zone.


For DJ Webstar giving back by promoting education is a matter of importance since he understands the struggles that youths face.



"I grew up poor with six of us in one bedroom.  When I was growing up I didn't have nobody giving back and those that did were not young.  So if I show the younger ones that I can give back then they will give back in their community in ways I can't as doctors, lawyers, and teachers," he said.


With high drop out rates, peer pressure and low academic scores he knows better than most about the challenges of the education system and is even committed to returning to school himself.


"I graduated high school and went to college and then got caught up in music.  I do plan to go back to school and finish.  It's important to always have as much knowledge as possible."


DJ Webstar is hoping that his efforts inspire more in the urban community to give back and make a difference.


"I don't think enough rappers do enough.  Most of us came from the hood and didn't always have the nice things we had.  So you're obligated to set a good example of the kids so that they won't be messed up in life."


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March 18, 2010NewsComments