Dondria: Notes from a Young Lover

August 24, 2010NewsComments300 Views

By Souleo. Yesterday she answered The Questions and now Dondria's "takeover" continues with the topic of love. You never forget your high school sweetheart.  For many it's their first real experience with the complexities of love including the joyous highs, emotional lows and peaceful middle ground.  Recording artist Dondria has experienced all such levels of love which allows her to sing so effortlessly about it on her debut album, Dondria vs. Phatfffat.  For Dondria the emotional low of young love came when she discovered she had been cheated on.



"I thought that I had the perfect relationship in high school with my sweetheart.  We did all of that talk about getting married and he cheated.  Being cheated on made me cry but instead of breaking up with him I cheated on him.  It was a mess.  I was dumb and in love," she reflected.


Dondria has learned from that "mess" and matured as a woman who has found new love.  This time around she understands the hard work that it takes to make a real relationship last.


"My boyfriend, Derek and I have been together 3 years.  He is somebody that I am pretty confident that later on will be the one that I marry.  We have our names tattooed on each other's wrists.  Being that we are long distance helped me mature as a girlfriend.  It has showed me that it is hard work.  It won't be effortless and you can't be lazy."


Still Dondria is growing and admits that one thing she must get over is being spoiled.


"I know that with Derek I am spoiled.  So sometimes he's like look you got to do some work too.  So I have my little things that annoy him.  So we both must give 100% in everything."


Read below for Dondria's notes from a young lover on how you can keep a healthy relationship.


Keep it true!


Stay loyal and true to your word.  If you only want to date for the time being or be more serious just stay true because the trust and communication are the most important things.  When you know the person is loyal and devoted to you it makes love much sweeter.


Talk to me!


Always communicate because even if you're afraid what you might say will hurt their feelings be honest and communicate.  They will appreciate that more than you lying and them finding out later.

Do something!

Me and my man have a long distance relationship but we read books together and do things that stimulate our minds together.  So learn a language together or go travel somewhere and learn about the country together.


August 24, 2010NewsComments300 Views