Dondria Talks Back

August 25, 2010NewsComments322 Views

By Souleo. On day 3 of Dondria's "takeover" we sifted through the thousands upon thousands of comments Dondria has received across various sites and she took the time to talkback directly to each commenter.  Read on as Dondria reveals the reason behind her YouTube channel suspension, addresses rumors of dating Corey aka Broadway, defends her music and more.


Comment by kjbretto3214 from YouTube:

@AnthonyNews JD said on twitter youtube suspended it because she had HER music videos up there...they are working on it now to get her back on...hopefully all her videos where not deleted but im afraid they probably were.

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Dondria's Response:

It wasn't suspended because I had my videos up there but because I posted things from when I was on TV.  You sign a release form saying for example, BET has exclusive rights and you can't post that footage.  So when I was on "The Monique Show" and "106 & Park" and had all that on my channel they suspended my page.  [Editor's Note:  Dondria's Channel is live again: http://www.youtube.com/user/phatfffat]


Comment by Newtonkids123 from YouTube:

Danqq . Itsx Like Yestdayy She Wasx Juhsx Somee Random Girl On Youtube Withh a Amazinqq Voicee . Noww She Famous && Ishh . Wow ! But Do'nt She Go Withh Corey aka Broadwayy ?'


Dondria's Response:

Definitely not.  He is my friend since the 6th grade and we just sing together.  [Editor's Note:  Check here to get the scoop on Dondria's real love interest]

Comment by PLAINSIGHT from concreteloop.com:

Her singing voice sounds like Beyonce's and Kelly's when they were younger. Is she even old enough to be singing about making love? I knew it wasn't before long when they would start having her sing about sex. That's a teeny bopper album cover targeting teens but she's up here singing about "making love".


Dondria's Response:

First of all I am 23 and grown.  People are saying the cover is teeny bopper but they don't know my story.  It shows my transition from 19 years old on Youtube to now when I have my deal and putting an album out.  So I say do the research 'cause you don't know what you're talking about.  I think people find anything to complain about.  The thing about me being signed off of YouTube is that I appeal to everybody.  I did the 2010 Jackson Music Awards in Mississippi and the whole audience was 30 and up.  They loved that song and so do people my age in their 20's.  I am not just made for a teenage audience and if it's that serious parents can control what they want their children to listen to.

Comment by manny from theybf.com:

is that Brandon Hines as her love interest?


Dondria's Response:

Yes, it sure is Brandon in the video "You're the One."


Comment by bubblibrunnette1 from YouTube:

Amazing!!! your better than beyonce' .. i knew you would make it hun.. i know you don't know me but i am one of your biggest fans... GOD Bless you!!! you look so beautiful too... your  an amazing young lady .. your an inspiration to many ... girl just like you.. and i also like that you kept true to your word and taking us through your journey... many young girls are watching you and seeing that is is ok to dream and to reach for those dreams.....


Dondria's Response:

Thank you for sticking with me since 2006.  I'm in debt to all my supporters and they helped me get my record deal.  I do want to be considered a role model.  I want to let young adults know that it is possible and to show that it's okay to be real.  Real will always be appreciated and respected.


August 25, 2010NewsComments322 Views