Dondria: YouTube’s Next Stars

August 27, 2010NewsComments

By Souleo. For the past five days Dondria has revealed a new side of herself through answering numerous personal questions, schooled us with love notes, talked back to the commenters, demonstrated how she has evolved into a confident and mature young woman, selected some key fashion looks and now she is ready to pass the torch. Well, not exactly since the torch just got handed over to her but she is closing out by shining the light on some fellow rising talent.

After getting her start as a YouTube sensation it's only appropriate that Dondria returns to her breeding ground to highlight the future YouTube musical stars of tomorrow. Check out her picks below to see who Dondria believes will carry on in her web footprints.



She was the first video I ever saw on YouTube before I posted any of my videos. She made me want to sing on YouTube. I fell in love with her voice because she has so much passion and soul when she sings. I know that she tried out for "American Idol," and was on "Sunday's Best." I think she will probably go the gospel route but her voice is beautiful.



Clearly I love his voice and I've been singing with him since the 6th grade. He has more videos than I have. He can sing and has personality to go with it. I know that he is next. He came to Atlanta and had meetings with Ne-Yo's Compound Entertainment and T.I's Grand Hustle. So we will see what is going on but there are definitely people interested in him.



She has a beautiful voice and sings so effortlessly. She has been on "The Apollo," and other shows. I know that she is going to do something and be successful at it.


Editor's Note: A special thanks to Dondria, 135th St. Agency and Dondria's numerous supporters (including @ray_dfw4dondria and @DreamBig31) for making the "takeover" launch a huge success!


August 27, 2010NewsComments