Donell Jones: Love Like This

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By Souleo. If you want to know about love it's best to heed advice from someone who has been there and done that. When it comes to the various challenges related to love, Donell has been there and done most of those things more than once. That's why he's sharing his top 4 tips on how to attain and maintain a healthy relationship including keeping the past in the past, how he learned the hard way that you have to stay true to yourself, how his daughters inspired him to stop breaking hearts and why a stripper pole is a bedroom necessity. With these tips we will all want a "Love Like This."


Love Tip #1: Be Honest, But Not Too Honest


Be honest and be willing to share any and everything that your partner wants to know, except maybe something that was from your past before them. If I was in a past relationship with somebody else I wouldn't talk about that because that's none of her business. I'm moving forward with any and everything and I'll be open with that.


One of the hardest things for me to be honest about in a relationship was cheating. I got caught and you just got to come clean after that because if you keep trying to lie you're just digging yourself a deeper hole.


Love Tip #2: It's Got to be Real


Make sure you really love the person. If you're not in love with the person it doesn't make sense to commit to them. Me and my kids' mom went together for a long time before we realized we got into a relationship at a young age and we grew apart. We stayed together 5 more years after that just because I grew up with two parents, and I wanted my kids to have the same thing. But it doesn't make sense to do things like that because you're just hurting yourself, and the children.


Love Tip #3: Don't Break Hearts

Don't be a heart breaker in life. I used to break hearts. I would go out on the road, meet these women, promise them the world and never call them back again. I got in this business when I was 19 and when you're young everybody wants to have fun. I'm 37 now and I've learned how to become a man. At 29 I realized that I have 5 daughters growing up and eventually they're going to get to an age where somebody's going to want my daughters. So I have to be an example of what they should want.

Love Tip #4: Keep it Fun


Make sure you're with somebody you can have fun with. Me and my woman now pretty much do everything together. She's more like my homeboy, she's sophisticated and she got a little hood in her. She just all of that s*** wrapped in one, and I love her.


To spice up your relationship put a stripper pole in the bedroom. I see a lot of women doing that now. Dress up, role-play and have fun with it. Sex shouldn't be that serious all the time.

September 29, 2010NewsComments115 Views