Donell Jones: Lyrics to Live By

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By Souleo. With the right lyrics a singer is given the tools to tap into emotions and experiences that define our lives. Whether it's a line from Michael Jackson's "Lady In My Life," or from his new album released today, Lyrics, Donell Jones has a few favorite lines that he lives by. On day 2 of his "takeover," Donell shares how his top 3 lyrics of all time have helped him understand how to treat women, become comfortable with monogamy and avoid cheating.



Lyric: You will always be the lady in my life...

Song: "Lady In My Life"

Artist: Michael Jackson


It's just a beautifully written song because of the things that he was saying to a woman. It taught me how to treat a women and how to make a woman feel good through a song.


Lyric: We're the dark skin version of Brad & Angelina/But the opposite of Ike & Tina...

Song: "All About Sex"

Artist: Donell Jones


With that line I'm pretty much saying how beautiful Angelina [Jolie] & Brad Pitt's relationship is publicly and that we don't get into it like Ike & Tina do. That's something I'm living now with the relationship I'm in now. I love the girl to death. It's not about the sex with us. This is the first time for me since it's always been about the sex. I was a young dude but when you grow up and become a man, you start to realize that it's okay to have one woman.


Lyric: When you love someone you just don't treat them bad...

Song: "Where I Wanna Be"

Artist: Donell Jones


That was personal journey through my life. When you're an artist and you're on the road you see all these beautiful women coming towards you. So instead of cheating on my girl I said, 'I'm going to pursue this and I'm just going to leave us alone for right now.' I wasn't happy in the relationship but at the same time I was committed. So take the high road and get out of it [relationship] before you cheat because karma is a mother******.


Check out the new video to Donell's single, "Love Like This," here:


Donell Jones Love Like This

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September 28, 2010NewsComments122 Views